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Funeral music 

From time to time I am  asked to perform at Funerals and whilst it can be a very traumatic experience, music lifts the spirit and can make a huge difference to a bereaved family.

I have performed in Woodland Burial Grounds,  Crematorium and Churches and have lead the Funeral Party  into the church and from the Chapel to the Grave. I have a great number of years of experience in helping families come to terms with their loss.

What is the process?


I can  provide  music which the family want and can advise on what music would be suitable if it's difficult for them to choose.

I know from the great number of Thank you's that I receive that music for Funerals makes such a huge difference in the healing process and I feel that it is a privilege to perform in these circumstances.

Time scale

Funerals are organised normally a couple of days before - as much notice as possible is appreciated though.

Prices start at £250 
Please enquire for further details 

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