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Music lessons in school

Group lessons are a great way for your child to learn an  instrument in a safe school environment . With an up to DBS certificate and with over 15 years teaching experience from classroom teaching to individual teaching , James Banahan has taught at primary and comprehensive school level .

Wether your child embarks on taking music exams with ABRSM or Trinity , lessons can be tailor made to encourage your child to firstly , enjoy lessons and  progress to a confident level.

Woodwind instruments are  fun and great instruments to start on  your Childs music journey.

The J-Sax is a fun and accessible instrument to introduce to your child if they want to work towards playing a Saxophone . With the same finger positions as a recorder, this instrument has a warm tone like the Saxophone and a plastic reed .

The Clarinet and Flute are also fun instruments for your child to learn and both instruments have a wide span range in terms of notes.

Lessons prices start at £4 per lesson without instrument hire for a 20 minute mixed group lesson (no more than 4 per group) or £5 with instrument hire.

Lessons are billed per half term and any inset days will be taken into account before lessons are billed.

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